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This paper presents our work on the test bed implementation of hybrid ad hoc network. In mobile ad hoc network (MANET), nodes are equipped with wireless device which provides self-managing and self-organizing capability, even when there is no network infrastructure present. Ad hoc hybrid network which enables mobile nodes to form instant communication(More)
Implementing web data extraction means we can directly extract data from various web pages, where they mostly formed in an unstructured HTML format, into a new structured format such as XML or XHTML. In this paper we review the implementation of web data extraction and stages in making a Mashup. We implement web data extraction by visually extract targeted(More)
This paper describes and analyses the impact of user mobility on the QoS of video streaming application in mobile IPv6 network. Mobile IPv6 testbed is built according to RFC 3775. QoS parameters such as throughput, delay, and jitter, are measured and compared. Two scenarios are considered. Those are when mobile node moves inside its own link and when it is(More)
The Scilab is freeware as launched by INRIA and ENPC. This paper explains the experience result of the simulation by Scilab to simulate RFID-based for red light violation detection. This simulation gives evidence of violation and prediction of vehicle flow. The violation can detect if the vehicle's IDs have moved form one RFID Reader to the others. The flow(More)
The convergence between WLAN and optical fiber has created a new challenge in network design. In this paper, we propose a comprehensive design simulation of hybrid network concerning the timeout of ACK and CTS, which determine the maximum length of optical fiber. Then, the result of simulation is used to predict the delay bound of inter-devices WLAN.
Recent developments in the various researches suggests that the mechanisms and algorithms in resource allocation is widely seen as a major new opportunity to improve the wireless networks performance. In the wireless mesh network which is now seen as a potential topology candidate in future networks, spatial reuse exploitation in scheduling is one solution(More)
This paper presents our work on providing tools and platform for Pervasive Multimedia Learning Environment. We review the state of the art technology in the field of tele-education, particularly on CSCW tools and pervasive computing. We develop a Passenger-UML which is a Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) tool to support Computer Aided Software(More)