Bagher Karimi

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Space and place are among the fundamental concepts in architecture about which many discussions have been held and the complexity and importance of these concepts were focused on. This research has introduced an approach to better cognition of the architectural concepts based on theory and method of semiology in linguistics. Hence, at first the research(More)
In this paper, a decentralized adaptive wavelet neural network (AWNN) controller for a class of large scale nonlinear systems with unknown, non-affine and nonlinear subsystems and nonlinear interconnections, is proposed. The stability of the closed loop system is guaranteed through Lyapunov stability analysis. In particular, it is shown that the tracking(More)
In this paper, adaptive wavelet neural network control (AWNNC) is proposed for a class of non-affine nonlinear systems with unknown nonlinearities. The adaption laws of the system are derived in the sense of Lyapunov function and Barbalet's lemma. Thus, the stability of the closed loop system is ensured and the tracking error asymptotically converges to(More)
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