Baerbel Otto

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The reason for weight loss at high altitudes is largely unknown. To date, studies have been unable to differentiate between weight loss due to hypobaric hypoxia and that related to increased physical exercise. The aim of our study was to examine the effect of hypobaric hypoxia on body weight at high altitude in obese subjects. We investigated 20 male obese(More)
Enterally administered lipid modulates antropyloroduodenal motility, gut hormone release, appetite, and energy intake. We hypothesized that these effects would be dependent on both the load, and duration, of small intestinal exposure to lipid. Eleven healthy men were studied on four occasions in a double-blind, randomized, fashion. Antropyloroduodenal(More)
BACKGROUND Both orosensory stimulation and feedback from the gastrointestinal tract contribute to energy intake regulation. OBJECTIVE We evaluated the hypothesis that overweight or obese subjects would be less sensitive to both oral and intraduodenal oleic acid exposure than would lean subjects. DESIGN Eleven overweight or obese and 8 lean men were(More)
The orexigenic and anabolic gastric hormone ghrelin is secreted in response to acute and chronic energy requirements. While pre-prandial increases and post-prandial decreases of plasma ghrelin levels in rodents and humans seem to indicate a role for the novel peptide hormone as an afferent meal initiator or "hunger hormone", the precise mechanisms which are(More)
OBJECTIVE The marked increase in the prevalence of obesity in the United States has recently been attributed to the increased fructose consumption. To determine if and how fructose might promote obesity in an animal model, we measured body composition, energy intake, energy expenditure, substrate oxidation, and several endocrine parameters related to energy(More)
Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is characterized by headache often accompanied by gastrointestinal complaints that vary from anorexia through nausea to vomiting. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of high altitude on plasma levels of gastroenteropancreatic (GEP) peptides and their association to AMS symptoms. Plasma levels of 6 GEP(More)
The tropical South American teleost Eigenmannia lineata showed a spontaneous preference for the female type, compared with the male type, of its sexually dimorphic, weak-electric organ discharge (EOD). Female and male EODs differ in waveform and harmonic content. An isolated fish was simultaneously stimulated with digitally synthesized “natural” male and(More)
CONTEXT The mechanisms underlying the well-known glucagon-induced satiety effect are unclear. Recently, we showed that glucagon induces a remarkable decrease in the orexigenic hormone ghrelin that might be responsible for this effect. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate the putative role of the hypothalamic pituitary axis in glucagon's(More)
OBJECTIVE Cereal fiber intake is linked to reduced risk of type 2 diabetes in epidemiological observations. The pathogenic background of this phenomenon is unknown. Based on recent findings, we hypothesized that intake of purified insoluble oat fiber may improve whole-body insulin sensitivity. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A randomized, controlled,(More)
OBJECTIVE Pavlovian conditioning of taste aversion has rarely been investigated in healthy humans using motion sickness as the unconditioned stimulus (US). METHODS Ninety subjects were pretested for susceptibility to illusory motion (vection) in a rotating drum. Thirty-two subjects susceptible to pseudomotion were assigned randomly to two groups and(More)