Baehoon Choi

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A novel range-free localization algorithm based on the multidimensional support vector regression (MSVR) is proposed in this paper. The range-free localization problem is formulated as a multidimensional regression problem, and a new MSVR training method is proposed to solve the regression problem. Unlike standard support vector regression, the proposed(More)
There are several types of intersections such as merge-roads, diverge-roads, plus-shape intersections and two types of T-shape junctions in urban roads. When an autonomous vehicle encounters new intersections, it is crucial to recognize the types of intersections for safe navigation. In this paper, a novel intersection type recognition method is proposed(More)
The major problem in an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is the proper use of sensor measurements and recognition of the surrounding environment. To this end, there are several types of sensors to consider, one of which is the laser scanner. In this paper, we propose a method to segment the measurement of the surrounding environment as obtained by a(More)
A support vector machine (SVM) has been developed for two-class problems, although its application to multiclass problems is not straightforward. This paper proposes a new Lagrangian SVM (LSVM) for application to multiclass problems. The multiclass Lagrangian SVM is formulated as a single optimization problem considering all the classes together, and a(More)
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