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Hitherto, split ring resonator is becoming a popular structure in antenna design. The objective of this paper is to determine the effect of the rhombic complimentary split ring resonator structure (R-SRR) on microstrip patch antenna design. The basic microstrip patch antenna design is simulated in CST Microwave Studio simulation software. The findings show(More)
This paper presents a compilation of important review in the development of microwave filters for wideband technology used in previous years. The major research work for each year is reviewed. Several wideband filters based on the planar and non-planar circuits are compared and examined in order to propose a new topology of wideband filter using Suspended(More)
Reconfigurable filter technology is in robustness development. Due on the tunable and reconfigurable capability will contribute a various advantages in wireless applications. This tuning selectivity consist a numerous method, for example using varactor, micromachines, and PINdiodes.This review paper discussed PIN diodes as a switching element. The design(More)
done on the length of substrate (s), width of substrate (w), length of square FSS (a) and length of square FSS with slot (b). Real (Re) and Imaginary (Im) component of EC or known as resistance and reactance has been modeled based on physical parameters of the design structure of the FSS. The resistance and reactance of the impedance are depending on the(More)
—This paper describes the design of a compact printed microstrip G-shaped monopole antenna for wireless local area network (WLAN application). The antenna has G-shaped resonating element which is designed for the two resonance frequencies at 2.4GHz and 5.2GHz respectively, which are the operating bands for WLAN application. The antenna is constructed by a(More)
This paper discusses two new designs of reconfigurable perfectly-matched bandstop filter which is based on L-shape and ring resonator. The perfectly-matched bandstop filters can be reconfigured between allpass and bandstop response using PIN diodes as switching elements. The operating center frequency of these filters is at 1 GHz. The discussions of the(More)
This paper presents the investigation of a unit cell for combination of circle frequency selective surface (FSS). Two types of configuration for the simulation has been investigated and analyzed. The investigation has been done on the radius of circle FSS (a) and the spacing between the first and another circle (b) in order to analyze its effects towards(More)
This paper presents an investigation of split ring resonator (SRR) parameters on a coaxial-fed monopole antenna. The adding of SRR slot can create a notch in the result of coaxial-fed monopole antenna design. Thus, this paper aims to investigate the effect of changes to the outer ring radius and slit cut width of the SRR slot. All antenna designs and(More)
In this paper, the parametric study of a broadband inverted suspended rectangular patch with rectangular slot which performed as linear polarized antenna is presented. The operating frequency for the proposed antenna is at 2.4GHz, which is for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) application. The performances for the proposed linear polarized antenna are(More)