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BACKGROUND Prospective community data on arthropathy following Chikungunya (CHIKV), a self-limiting, arboviral infection, causing debilitating arthropathy are lacking. The clinical profile of chronic rheumatic-musculoskeletal (RMSK) pain and disorders, captured inadvertently about 15 months following a CHIKV epidemic is described. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
In this study, dengue virus (DENV) isolates from a localized, small-scale, non-seasonal dengue outbreak were genetically characterized. The outbreak occurred during the pre-monsoon months (April–May) in a medical college campus in Kerala, South India in 2009 affecting 76 people. Analysis of 39 viral RNA positive serum samples by a serotype specific(More)
Muscle weakness, stiffness and delayed tendon jerk relaxation are usual features of hypothyroidism while muscle hypertrophy, myoedema and wasting are occasionally seen. A 60-year-old male, who presented with proximal muscle weakness and muscle hypertrophy has been reported here. Thyroid function tests, electromyogram and muscle biopsy established the(More)
The well-founded model for any general deductive database computed using the paraconsistent relational model, based on four-valued logic, does not support inference rules such as disjunctive syllogism. In order to support disjunctive syllogism, we utilize the generalization of the relational model to quasi-classic (QC) logic, whose inference power is much(More)
Inconsistencies in real world knowledge bases are very common because the knowledge bases are usually authored at multiple places on the Web. These inconsistencies are even carried over to local closed world reasoning (LCWR) where the knowledge base consists of open world assumption (OWA) predicates (concepts or roles) and closed world assumption (CWA)(More)
Real-world automated reasoning systems, based on classical logic, face logically inconsistent information, and they must cope with it. It is onerous to develop such systems because classical logic is explosive. Recently, progress has been made towards semantics that deal with logical inconsistency. However, such semantics was never analyzed in the aspect of(More)