Badrinarayanan Velamur Asokan

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A stabilized stochastic finite element implementation for the natural convection system of equations under Boussinesq assumptions with uncertainty in inputs is considered. The stabilized formulations are derived using the variational multiscale framework assuming a one-step trapezoidal time integration rule. The stabilization parameters are shown to be(More)
A stochastic variational multiscale method with explicit subgrid modeling is provided for solution of stochastic elliptic equations that arise while modeling diffusion in heterogeneous random media [1]. The exact solution of the governing equations is split into two components: a coarse-scale solution and a subgrid solution. A localized computational model(More)
Authors are encouraged to submit new papers to INFORMS journals by means of a style file template, which includes the journal title. However, use of a template does not certify that the paper has been accepted for publication in the named journal. INFORMS journal templates are for the exclusive purpose of submitting to an INFORMS journal and should not be(More)
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