Badriddine M. Khessib

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Memory devices represent a key component of datacenter total cost of ownership (TCO), and techniques used to reduce errors that occur on these devices increase this cost. Existing approaches to providing reliability for memory devices pessimistically treat all data as equally vulnerable to memory errors. Our key insight is that there exists a diverse(More)
Despite the growing popularity of Solid State Disks (SSDs) in the datacenter, little is known about their reliability characteristics in the field. The little knowledge is mainly vendor supplied, and such information cannot really help understand how SSD failures can manifest and impact the operation of production systems, in order to take appropriate(More)
While there has been prior work to underprovision the power distribution infrastructure for a datacenter to save costs, the ability to underprovision the backup power infrastructure, which contributes significantly to capital costs, is little explored. There are two main components in the backup infrastructure - Diesel Generators (DGs) and UPS units - which(More)
Large-scale TPC workloads are critical for the evaluation of datacenter-scale storage systems. However, these workloads have not been previously characterized, in-depth, and modeled in a DC environment. In this work, we categorize the TPC workloads into storage threads that have unique features and characterize the storage activity of TPCC, TPCE and TPCH(More)
Large scale OLTP workloads on modern database servers are well understood across the industry. Their runtime performance characterizations serve to drive both server side software features and processor specific design decisions but are not understood outside of the primary industry stakeholders. We provide a rare glimpse into the performance(More)
Cloud datacenters must ensure high availability for the hosted applications and failures can be the bane of datacenter operators. Understanding the what, when and why of failures can help tremendously to mitigate their occurrence and impact. Failures can, however, depend on numerous spatial and temporal factors spanning hardware, workloads, support(More)
Recent studies estimate that server cost contributes to as much as 57% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a datacenter [1]. One key contributor to this high server cost is the procurement of memory devices such as DRAMs, especially for data-intensive datacenter cloud applications that need low latency (such as web search, in-memory caching, and graph(More)
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