Badri Prasad Badhu

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AIMS To determine prevalence of glaucoma and glaucoma suspect in subjects 40 years and above in Sunsari district of eastern Nepal. METHODS A community based cross sectional study examining 1600 selected subjects was carried out. In all subjects best corrected visual acuity was determined. Oblique torch light test was used for anterior chamber depth(More)
This study analyzes the results of cataract surgery with primary intraocular lens implantation in unilateral childhood traumatic cataract following penetrating trauma and its long term follow up. It is a hospital based study of 114 children (age 3-10 years) with unilateral traumatic cataract who underwent extracapsular cataract extraction/ lens aspiration(More)
Rhinosporidiosis is endemic in India, Sri Lanka, and parts of East Africa and South America; sporadic cases are reported in other countries. We report on five patients from eastern Nepal with oculosporidiosis. The conjunctiva was involved in two patients and the lacrimal sac was involved in three patients; treatment was by simple total excision of the(More)
PURPOSE The study aimed to compute and compare the keratometric astigmatism induced by wound closure with continuous and interrupted sutures in conventional extracapsular cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation at a single centre in eastern Nepal. METHODS Sixty eyes of 60 patients were included in the study. All patients received(More)
INTRODUCTION Trabeculectomy is a commonly used surgical treatment for glaucoma. PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness of combination of permanent and releasable scleral flap sutures to minimize the immediate postoperative complications of trabeculectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was carried out in Department of Ophthalmology, B P Koirala(More)
The authors present a case series of 54 subjects of Rhinosporidium. They were reported in two years at a tertiary care hospital of Western Orissa. The clinically diagnosed cases by ophthalmologists were confirmed by histopathological samples following surgery. In our series, we noted Rhinosporidium seeberi organisms as the main causative agent. Males were(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of the present study was to determine modes of presentation of retinoblastoma and the association between proptosis with orbital extension and histopathologically detectable optic nerve infiltration by the tumour. METHODS Clinical records and histopathological reports of patients with retinoblastoma were studied retrospectively. The(More)
Ascorbic acid in aqueous humor of the eye has a role as an antioxidant in delaying cataract formation. In a cross-sectional comparative study, ascorbic acid levels from aqueous humor and venous blood obtained from patients with cataracts in mountainous regions (1,300-2,000 meters) and subtropical lowlands (<100 meters) of Nepal were measured(More)