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Service sharing is a prominent operating model to support business. Many large inter-organizational networks have implemented some form of value added integrated services in order to reach efficiency and to reduce costs sustainably. Coupling Service orientation with enterprise architecture paradigm is very important at improving organizational performance(More)
Information System Quality (ISQ) management discipline requires a set of assessment mechanisms to evaluate external quality characteristics that are influenced by the environmental parameters and impacted by the ecosystem factors. The present paper suggests a new assessment oriented model that takes into consideration all facets of each external quality(More)
Business collaboration networks provide collaborative organizations a favorable context for automated business process interoperability. This paper aims to present a novel approach for assessing interoperability of process driven services by considering the three main aspects of interoperation: potentiality, compatibility and operational performance. It(More)
Many frameworks are available today to help organizing and performing Enterprise Interoperability projects efficiently. There are also many metrics available to measure the interoperability degree between systems. However, there is a real lack in methodologies to control Enterprise Interoperability improvement projects execution. The aim of this paper is to(More)
Optimizing Resource allocation and effort dispatching of interoperability enhancement is a key requirement to effectively setup, develop and evolve intra and inter organizational collaboration. To ensure this objective of effectiveness, this paper proposes initially an approach for representation of interoperability evolution and planning. Interoperability(More)
Interoperability is one of the most challenging concerns that face healthcare information system (HIS) actors. Interoperability implementation in this context may be a data exchange interfacing, a service oriented interaction or even a composition of new composite healthcare processes. In fact, optimizing efforts of interoperability achievement is a key(More)
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