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In this work we propose GXLA, a language for the specification of Service Level Agreements (SLA). GXLA represents the implementation of the Generalized Service Level Agreement (GSLA) information model we proposed in a previous work. It supports multi-party service relationships through a role-based mechanism. It is intended to catch up the complex nature of(More)
In this article, we focus on the service-driven management of quality of service and user access in wireless corporate networks. We propose a service-level agreement (SLA) oriented nomadism management architecture with a top-down vision starting by the specification of company objectives and going down to device-level configurations. We define an algorithm(More)
In this work, we focus on Service Level Agreement "SLA" driven nomadism management in wireless corporate networks. We adopt a novel top down approach in dealing with this problem. We aim at automatic equipment configuration based on high level company objectives and strategies for nomadism. For that, we propose a service-oriented management architecture,(More)
— The increasing popularity of WLANs-due to the use of license-free radio spectrum with low-cost, easily deployable and high-data-rate wireless services-has encouraged service providers to consider deploying them in high density usage areas, such as public hotspots, to provide complementary broadband access to their networks and services. This article(More)
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