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We considered the problem of ranking the popularity of items and suggesting popular items based on user feedback. User feedback is obtained by iteratively presenting a set of suggested items, and users selecting items based on their own preferences either the true popularity ranking of items, and suggest true popular items. We consider apriori algorithm(More)
PIFA’s are used in many applications like PCS, mobile handsets, Bluetooth, WLAN, WI-FI etc. The position of the feed and the patch dimension will play a major role in the performance of the antenna along with substrate, material. The method of improving the bandwidth and reduction of size of the antenna can be alone carried by selecting these PIFA antennas.(More)
In deregulated power systems, the issue of voltage stability causes major blackouts. This result in collapse of transmission system and is mostly affected due to frequent variations in load. In this paper, we will focus on the determination of most sensitive node in IEEE - 30 bus system. For this study, we are using PSAT, a MATLAB Based Simulink &(More)
In Order to fulfill the energy consumption reduction in IEEE 802. 15. 4 sensor networks, it proposes an energy efficient implementation by managing the mobility in the networks using speculative algorithm in cluster tree topology. This system aims at anticipating the loss of the association between coordinators and mobile nodes. To adapt the mobility(More)
The ―Multilevel converter‖ has drawn tremendous interest in the power industry. The general structure of the multilevel converter is to synthesize a sinusoidal voltage from several levels of voltages, Multilevel voltage source converters are emerging as a new breed of power converter options for high power applications, These converter topologies can(More)
Three-phase transformer less inverter is widely used in lowpower photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected systems due to its small size, high efficiency and low cost. When no transformer is used in a grid connected photovoltaic (PV) system, a galvanic connection between the grid and PV array exists. In these conditions, dangerous leakage currents (common-mode(More)
–In this paper my effective approach is to harness electrical energy from the highways by means of Vertical axis wind turbine. The smart wind mill consists of a stationary shaft which is mounted on the ball bearing on the top and bottom end of the shaft. The curvy darrieus blades are connected to the two ends of the bearing which is able to rotate on its(More)
In this paper, we propose a modification to the existing Data Encryption Standard (DES) to make it secure and prone to the bit errors caused by the wireless channel. We observe that using the modified algorithm in wireless channels, improves the bit error rate (BER) performance as well as security compared to DES. Wireless channels are an open medium to(More)
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