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The aim of the present study is to probe the anti-inflammatory potential of the plant Boswellia serrata by studying the effect of the crude extract and the pure compound isolated from it on key(More)
Insulin resistance is a fundamental aspect for the etiology of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and has links with a wide array of secondary disorders including weight gain and(More)
Antibiotic treatment for infectious diseases commonly leads to host inflammatory responses. Molecules with bifunctional antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties could provide a solution for(More)
Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) are estrogen receptor (ER) ligands exhibiting tissue-specific agonistic or antagonistic biocharacter and are used in the hormonal therapy for(More)
The present study discusses the efficacy of Aloe emodin-8-O-glycoside (AEG), a plant derived anthroquinone, on alleviating insulin resistance and augmenting glycogen synthesis in L6 myotubes and(More)
Plumbago zeylanica, a traditional Indian herb is being used for the therapy of rheumatism and has been approved for anti-tumor activity. However, the molecular mechanisms involved in the biological(More)