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This paper presents a novel approach for a free structure analog circuit design using Genetic Algorithms (GA). A major problem in a free structure circuit is its sensitivity calculations as a polynomial approximation for the design is not available. A further problem is the effect of parasitic elements on the resulting circuit's performance. In a single(More)
In this paper, an autonomous music composition tool is developed using Genetic Algorithms. The production is enhanced by integrating formal grammar rules. A formal grammar is a collection of either or both descriptive or prescriptive rules for analyzing or generating sequences of symbols. In music, these symbols are musical parameters such as notes and(More)
The nature of analog circuits design has lent it perfectly to evolutionary optimization techniques. This is due to components functional and performance dependencies on each other and on a suite of other parameters such as frequency, temperature etc. Traditionally, analog circuits are devised using known structures, which can limit the degree of freedom(More)
(2016). Efficient load rating and quantification of life-cycle damage of Indiana bridges due to overweight loads The authors would like to thank all individuals associated with both of these organizations for making this research possible. The authors would also like to express their gratitude to all of the members of the Study Advisory Committee: The Joint(More)
Monolithically integrated microwave switches based on insulated gate transistors benefit from extremely small leakage currents crucially important for large-periphery devices. Composite fast/slow gate design and nonlinearity compensation technique allow the insulated gate switches to achieving superior performance compared to existing RF switch types.
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