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This study investigated the differential effectiveness of various treatment formats for 55 couples in which the woman reported secondary orgasmic dysfunction (defined as the inability of the woman to reach orgasm during intercourse, with or without clitoral stimulation, more than 50% of the time for the last 5 months). Couples received two 2-hr sessions of(More)
This paper reports the sexual interaction of 48 couples in which the women had secondary orgasmic dysfunction and the men reported no difficulties in sexual functioning. The results were contrasted with a sample of 63 "sexually satisfied" couples. On the Sexual Interaction Inventory, male and female members of the dysfunctional couples reported greater(More)
Family physicians frequently see children and parents when they are adjusting to marital separation. This study examined how well child adjustment at school could be determined from an assessment of interspousal relations, maternal functioning, and child perception variables. Teachers evaluated adaptive functioning, social withdrawal, and aggressive(More)
Previous sex education research has neglected to examine systematically the effects of different types of instruction formats. In the present study, 193 undergraduates were assigned to one of the following conditions: (1) lecture only; (2) small group discussion only; (3) lecture + small group discussion; (4) lecture + extra lecture/review; and (5) no(More)
This study investigated the impact of group treatment on women with secondary orgasmic dysfunction and their partners. Eleven couples received 4 hours of basic sex education, after which seven of the couples received a Combination treatment format consisting of communication skills followed by sexual skills, while four of the couples received the opposite(More)
This study evaluated the effects of sex education on 48 couples in which the women reported secondary orgasmic dysfunction. None of the males had a problem with premature ejaculation or with erectile dysfunction. Couples received two, two-hour sessions of sex education during a one-week period. From measures administered before and after treatment, the(More)
An advanced simulation model of a packaged air cooled water chiller was developed. The nominal cooling capacity of the chiller is about 70 kW at 35°C dry bulb outdoor air temperature, and it consists of a single refrigerating circuit with two identical scroll compressors. The compressor was characterized by its experimental performance curve according to EN(More)
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