Bacham E. Reddy

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Photospheric abundances are presented for 27 elements from carbon to europium in 181 F-G dwarfs from a differential LTE analysis of high-resolution and high signalto-noise spectra. Stellar effective temperatures (Teff) were adopted from an infrared flux method calibration of Strömgren photometry. Stellar surface gravities (g) were calculated from Hipparcos(More)
We have performed an abundance analysis for Fand Gdwarfs of the Galactic thick disk component. A sample of 176 nearby (d ≤ 150 pc) thick disk candidate stars was chosen from the Hipparcos catalogue and subjected to a high-resolution spectroscopic analysis. Using accurate radial velocities combined with Hipparcos astrometry, kinematics (U, V, and W ) and(More)
An abundance analysis is presented of 60 metal-poor stars drawn from catalogues of nearby stars provided by Ariyanto et al. (2005) and Schuster et al. (2006). In an attempt to isolate a sample of metal-weak thick disc stars, we applied the kinematic criteria Vrot ≥ 100 km s , |ULSR| ≤ 140 km s , and |WLSR| ≤ 100 km s . Fourteen stars satisfying these(More)
An abundance analysis of the photosphere of the F-type Post-AGB candidate IRAS 05341+0852 is presented. The analysis of the spectra suggests that the atmospheric model: Teff=6500 K, log g=0.5, ξt=5 km s−1 and [M/H]=1.0, best represents the photosphere of the star. We find that the star is metal-poor ([Fe/H]=−0.9) and carbon-rich (C/O≈1.9). Lithium, carbon,(More)
This paper addresses a method to obtain color edge detection for images corrupted with Gaussian noise and impulse noise, to correctly reproduce distinct, continuous edges based on nonlinear prefiltering followed by block-by-block rotations to locate the edges in all orientations. A nonlinear prefilter is used to reduce the noise in Red, Green, and Blue(More)
Using very high-resolution (R∼ 125,000) and high quality (S/N ≥ 350) spectra, we have searched for Li in stars hosting extra-solar planets. From detailed profile-fitting of the Li i resonance line at 6707.7 Å, we find no significant amount of Li relative to the Li for any of 8 planet bearing stars (Li/Li ≤ 0.0 0.03 ) with a strong Li i lines. In particular,(More)
The high resolution spectra covering the wavelength range 4900 Å to 8250 Å of the hot post-AGB stars IRAS13266-5551 (CPD-55 5588) and IRAS17311-4924 (Hen31428) reveal absorption lines of C II, N II, O II, Al III, Si III and Fe III and a rich emission line spectrum consisting of H I, He I, C II, N I, O I, Mg II, Al II, Si II, V I, Mn I, Fe III, [Fe II] and(More)