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The actin of Neurospora crassa wild type Strain St. Lawrence has been purified, characterized and localized. A fungal 43 kDa protein was isolated by affinity chromatography on DNase I-Sepharose. This protein was identified as actin on immunoblots when an anti-actin monoclonal antibody raised against chicken gizzards was used as a probe. After(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to determine the presence and prevalence of alterations in cardiac autonomic function in obese, non-diabetic subjects. SUBJECTS These were 121 obese people, 15 with glucose intolerance and none with diabetes, and a group of 40 healthy people. MEASUREMENTS A series of five standardized tests was carried out, three of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between hypertension, overweight and indices of insulin resistance in Vietnamese subjects. PATIENTS One hundred and eight hypertensive subjects (51 men and 57 women) over 40 y of age were compared with 36 control subjects over 40 y of age. METHODS Blood glucose and plasma insulin were measured at fasting and 2 h(More)
Female gametangia of the normal bisexual Allomyces species are richer in fluorescently probed (FITC) actin, independent of their apical or subapical positioning during differentiation on the fertile hyphae. The anti-actin, cytochalasin D, can selectively suppress male differentiation in both species.
Convex multiobjective programming problems and multiplicative programming problems have important applications in areas such as finance, economics, bond portfolio optimization, engineering, and other fields. This paper presents a quite easy algorithm for generating a number of efficient outcome solutions for convex multiobjective programming problems. As an(More)
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