Babu Ram Singh

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Four soil profiles located near a copper smelter in Poland were investigated for the distribution and chemical fractions of Cu, Pb, and Zn and their mobility in relation to soil properties. Contamination with heavy metals was primarily restricted to surface horizons and the extent of contamination was 7- to 115-fold for Cu, 30-fold for Pb, and 6-fold for Zn(More)
A detailed theoretical analysis on light transmission through a corrugated long-period waveguide grating made in a silica-on-silicon planar waveguide is presented. A grating period of ~280 mum is considered in order to achieve a strong rejection band at a wavelength region of 1.5 mum. Phase-matching graphs are studied to find the relationship between the(More)
The uptake of 109Cd and 65Zn and their stable isotopes by ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.), grown on two different soil types, was investigated in climatically controlled growth chambers at 9 and 21 degrees C. The soils were treated with 0 and 4% organic matter (pig [Sus scrofa] manure) and spiked with 109Cd and 65Zn before sowing. The organic matter(More)
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