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The present study is aimed at determination of accuracy of relocation of Gill-Thomas-Cosman frame during fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy. The study aims to quantitatively determine the magnitudes of error in anteroposterior, mediolateral and craniocaudal directions, and determine the margin between clinical target volume to planning target volume(More)
Android is an extensively used mobile platform and with evolution it has also witnessed an increased influx of malicious applications in its market place. The availability of multiple sources for downloading applications has also contributed to users falling prey to malicious applications. A major hindrance in blocking the entry of malicious applications(More)
CONTEXT Nanotechnology is an empowering technology that holds promise in cancer therapeutics by increasing the ratio of tumor control probability to normal tissue complication probability. It can increase the bioavailability of the drug at the target site, reduce the frequency of administration and reach otherwise lesser-accessible sites. The present study(More)
In this paper we will discuss about mobile ad hoc network (MANET) that is also known as mobile mesh network is a wireless network that use wireless transmission for communication and do not rely on any central coordinator. We will also discuss bootstrapping of PTP network. Mobile nodes that are within each other's radio range communicate directly via(More)
The theme of the conference was " Brachytherapy – an Immortal Art ". The pre-conference workshop (26 th August 2016) was conducted at Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai. The workshop included live hands-on demonstration of interstitial brachyther-apy procedures for oropharyngeal cancer (base of tongue), and intra-operative brachytherapy for soft tissue(More)
— It is well known that the Viterbi decoder (VD) is the dominant module determining the overall power consumption of TCM decoders. High-speed, low-power design of Viterbi decoders for trellis coded modulation (TCM) systems is presented in this paper. We propose a pre-computation architecture incorporated with-algorithm for VD, which can effectively reduce(More)
Adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma account for the vast majority of oesophageal malignancies. Other malignancies known to occur in the oesophagus include melanoma, sarcoma, and lymphoma. Among the sarcomas, carcinosarcoma is the commonest with both carcinomatous and sarcomatous elements followed by leiomyosarcoma of mesenchymal origin. Other(More)
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