Babro Dahlen

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The term severe refractory asthma (SRA) in adults applies to patients who remain difficult to control despite extensive re-evaluation of diagnosis and management following an observational period of at least 6 months by a specialist. Factors that influence asthma control should be recognized and adequately addressed prior to confirming the diagnosis of SRA.(More)
Indirect airway challenges. G.F. Joos, B. O9Connor, on behalf of the Task Force, Co-authors of the Task Force Report: G.F. Joos (Chairman), B. O’Connor (Co-Chairman), S.D. Anderson, F. Chung, D.W. Cockcroft, B. Dahlén, G. DiMaria, A. Foresi, F.E. Hargreave, S.T. Holgate, M. Inman, J. Lötvall, H. Magnussen, R. Polosa, D.S. Postma, J. Riedler. #ERS Journals(More)
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