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Advances in the electrical and electronics communication technologies led to large scale development and research in area of Wireless Sensor Network. Wireless Sensor network have numerous applications in recent scenarios. WSN have a large number of constrained attached to them such as less processing capability, low memory, limited energy resources and(More)
Fluorescence recognition of Zn2+ in 100 % aqueous medium using 2-((1, 3 dihydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)propan-2 ylimino) methyl) phenol (SALTM) as ratiometric probe is reported. Moreover, SALTM can discriminate Zn2+ from Cd2+ very effectively. The binding constant and detection limit of the probe for Zn2+ is 2.2 × 104 M-1/2 and 2.79 × 10−8 M respectively.(More)
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