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The paper develops an efficient but simple adaptive nonlinear classifier for recognition of handwritten Odiya numerals. The standard gradient and curvature features are extracted and nonlinearly mapped by sine/cosine expansions. These nonlinear inputs are fed to a low complexity classifier. The simulation results show excellent classification accuracy when(More)
Transmission and storing of high density digital information plays an important role in the present age of communication and information technology. These data are distorted while reading out of the recording medium or arriving at the receiver end due to inter symbol interference in the channel. The adaptive channel equalizer alleviates this distortion and(More)
Keywords: Stock market forecasting Bacterial foraging optimization Adaptive bacterial foraging optimization Genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization a b s t r a c t The present paper introduces the use of BFO and ABFO techniques to develop an efficient forecasting model for prediction of various stock indices. The structure used in these(More)
This paper introduces the application of particle swarm optimization (PSO) technique to identify the parameters of pole-zero plants or infinite impulse response (IIR) systems. The PSO is one of the evolutionary computing tools that performs a structured randomized search of an unknown parameter space by manipulating a population of parameter estimates to(More)
This Identification of Nonlinear MIMO plants finds extensive applications in stability analysis, controller design, modeling of intelligent instrumentation, analysis of power systems, modeling of multipath communication channels etc. For identification of such complex nonlinear plants, the recent trend of research is to employ nonlinear structures and to(More)