Babiga Birregah

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Everyday more than fifty million messages are generated by about two hundred million profiles on Twitter. Some users attempt to exploit the success of this micro logging platform and its relative freedom to perform malicious actions that can lead to identity or data theft. This work aims to propose a framework to assess suspicious behavior on Twitter. We(More)
During the sudden catastrophic events that have occurred in this last decade, social media have proven their importance in the creation and management of ad-hoc crisis communities. These platforms are increasingly used as complementary support tools for conventional crisis management teams. Recent disasters (e.g. Haiti, Australia, Japan, Mexico, etc.) have(More)
The number of smartphone users has increased significantly over the last decade. The number of people using social networking sites is also increasing, and these platforms offer many features through which individuals can communicate with their contacts. The digital sphere is an opportunity for communication, but it is also an unprecedented arena for(More)
Social networking services (SNS) have increased in popularity over the last decade. They have become major platforms for e-commerce, personal branding, socialization and information. The success of social networking services like Facebook and Twitter as well as LinkedIn, LiveJournal andFoursquare and the variety of their usages leads their users to create a(More)
A simulation-based model used to measure resilience indicators of the railway transportation system is presented. This model is tested through a perturbation scenario: the inoperability of a track which links two stations in the system. The performance of the system is modelled through two indicators: (a) the number of passengers that reach their(More)
This work initiates a systematic investigation into thematrix forms of the Pascal triangle as mathematical objects in their own right. The present paper is especially devoted to the so-calledG-matrices, i.e. the set of the twelve (n+ 1)× (n+ 1) triangular matrix forms that can be derived from the Pascal triangle expanded to the level n (2 ≤ n ∈ N). For n =(More)