Babett Helen Lobinger

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The yips is a multi-aetiological phenomenon that is characterized by an involuntary movement that can affect a golfer's putting performance. Diagnostics are crucial for a better understanding of what causes the yips but are still lacking. The purpose of the present study was therefore to identify sensitive methods for detecting the yips and evaluating its(More)
The yips in golf is the interruption of a smooth putting movement by an involuntary jerk or freezing of the arm. Psychological factors seem to worsen the phenomenon. However, published data on how the yips in golf is cognitively and emotionally experienced are very limited. Moreover, the focus of attention in yips-affected golfers has not been investigated.(More)
Expertise is characterized by fast decision-making which is highly adaptive to new situations. Here we propose that athletes use a toolbox of heuristics which they develop on their route to expertise. The development of heuristics occurs within the context of the athletes' natural abilities, past experiences, developed skills, and situational context, but(More)
In soccer, home teams win about 67% of decided games. The causes for this home advantage are still unresolved. There is a shortage of research on the psychological states of actors involved. In this study, we examined soccer coaches' expectations, goal setting and tactical decisions in relation to game location. Soccer coaches (N = 297) with different(More)
Performing music at a professional level is probably one of the most complex human accomplishments. Extremely fast and complex, temporo-spatially predefined movement patterns have to be learned, memorized, and retrieved with high reliability in order to meet the expectations of listeners. Performing music requires not only the integration of multimodal(More)
Die endovaginale Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT) ermöglicht eine hochauflösende Abbildung des Beckenbodens, insbesondere der Muskelschichten des analen Sphinkterkomplexes. Bei sieben gesunden Nulliparae wurden Stärke und Volumen der analen Muskulatur bestimmt. Im Vergleich zu publizierten sonographischen Daten sind die Meßwerte für die Stärke des Musculus(More)
PURPOSE To assess the visualisation of the anal sphincter by means of an intravaginal surface coil. METHODS MR imaging was performed using a 1.0 T unit. In 10 females (6 nullipara, one primipara without and three primipara with postpartum faecal incontinence) a surface coil, originally designed for endorectal use, was placed into the vagina. Transverse(More)
The yips is considered a task-specific movement disorder. Its estimated prevalence, however, is high compared to similar neurological movement disorders, possibly resulting from previous studies' restriction of samples based on skill level, and self-report bias. Alternatively, this high prevalence might be an indication of additional aetiologies, for(More)
The yips is a multi-etiological phenomenon consisting of involuntary movements during the execution of a skill (e.g., a golf putt). Reinvestment, the conscious control of a movement that detrimentally affects automated movements, is thought to be a potential mechanism leading to the yips. Preventing yips-affected golfers from consciously controlling their(More)
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