Babatunde Oluwatosin Ogunbosi

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BACKGROUND Oxygen saturation is a good marker for disease severity in emergency care. However, studies have not considered its use in identifying individuals infected with Plasmodium falciparum at risk of deaths. OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence and predictive value of hypoxaemia for deaths in under-5s with severe falciparum malaria infection. (More)
AIMS This study aimed to describe the prevalence and pattern of lipid abnormalities among antiretroviral therapy (ART)-naive HIV patients, understand if there is any relationship to virologic and immunologic status, and discuss the implications for care. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study in which baseline demographic, clinical, and laboratory data(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of Paediatric HIV infection is largely unknown in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. This study was aimed at determining the prevalence, clinical pattern of HIV infection and outcome among new patients aged <15 years using age-specific diagnostic methods. METHODS A prospective cross sectional study was carried out using the(More)
BACKGROUND Hypoxaemia is a potentially harmful complication of both acute lower respiratory tract infections (ALRI) and non-ALRI in children but its contribution to burden and outcomes of hospital admissions in Africa is unclear. We investigated prevalence and predictors of hypoxaemia in ALRI and non-ALRI according to age and primary diagnoses in emergently(More)
OBJECTIVE The effects of maternal HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy on hearing of HIV-exposed newborns in sub-Saharan Africa have not been investigated. We determined the prevalence of sensorineural hearing loss among HIV-exposed newborns and the association between the hearing threshold and maternal and newborn parameters. DESIGN A cohort(More)
The first six months of HIV care and treatment are very important for long-term outcome. Early mortality (within 6 months of care initiation) undermines care and treatment goals. This study assessed the temporal distribution in baseline characteristics and early mortality among HIV patients at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria from 2006-2013.(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the metabolic abnormalities among Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) co infected HAART naïve HIV infected persons within the adult ARV clinic of the University College Hospital/University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria Methods: This was a retrospective study involving the review of clinical records of newly recruited HIV-infected persons in the(More)
INTRODUCTION This study describes the epidemiologic features and clinical course of children with blood transfusion-associated HIV infection (TAHI) in Ibadan, Nigeria. METHODOLOGY All children diagnosed to have TAHI at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, were studied and compared with children who acquired HIV vertically using the pediatric HIV(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal malnutrition (FM) has grave implications for the neonate and is reliably assessed by the CANSCORE which is time-consuming. Static skinfold thickness, a measure of adiposity, is a validated method of assessing malnutrition in older children. AIM To establish if static skinfold measurements in neonates can serve as a reliable measure of FM.(More)
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