Babatunde Olowokure

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BACKGROUND Antimicrobial resistance is a major contemporary public health threat. Strategies to contain antimicrobial resistance have been comprehensively set forth, however in developing countries where the need for effective antimicrobials is greatest implementation has proved problematic. A better understanding of patterns and determinants of antibiotic(More)
Influenza causes substantial mortality in high-risk groups despite targeted vaccination programmes. This paper considers whether it is worth vaccinating healthcare workers (HCWs) against influenza to protect high-risk patients in a series of systematic reviews and an economic evaluation. Eighteen studies are included. Vaccination was highly effective in(More)
Certain influenza outbreaks, including the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic, can predominantly affect school-age children. Therefore the use of school absenteeism data has been considered as a potential tool for providing early warning of increasing influenza activity in the community. This study retrospectively evaluates the usefulness of these data by(More)
We examined MMR vaccine uptake among ethnic groups in Birmingham, UK between 1994 and 2000, a period incorporating adverse MMR vaccine publicity. From 1994 to 2000 overall uptake: (1) fell significantly from 91.1% in 1994 to 89.8% (chi(2) for trend p<0.001) in 2000, (2) in Asian children significantly increased (chi(2) for trend p<0.001), and (3) in White(More)
Technical Appendix Technical Appendix Table. Neutralization antibody titers against lyssaviruses in bats, by bat species and location, northern Vietnam* Location Bat species Neutralizing antibody titer † RABV DUVV EBLV-1 LBV Tuyen Quang Eonycteris spelaea 20 0 0 0 Eonycteris spelaea 0 0 20 0 Ia Io 20 0 0 0 Ia Io 0 20 0 0 Ia Io 0 20 0 0 Ia Io 10 0 20 0 Ia Io(More)
The availability of safe and effective vaccines has renewed interest in the epidemiology of varicella worldwide. To date published data on the epidemiology of varicella in Pakistan is very scarce. Therefore, we conducted a study to determine the age-specific seroprevalence rate of varicella-zoster virus (VZV) antibodies in Pakistan. Between December 1997(More)
BACKGROUND Every winter, hospitals in the UK and other developed countries experience a surge in respiratory admissions. Ecological studies suggest that social circumstances may be an important determinant. AIM To establish the most important factors associated with winter hospital admissions among older people presenting with acute respiratory disease,(More)
This report describes the investigation and control of a community outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in Hereford, UK, in November 2003. Outbreak investigation consisted of epidemiological survey, identification and environmental investigation of potential sources, microbiological analysis of clinical and environmental samples and mapping the location of(More)
BACKGROUND School closure is a potential intervention during an influenza pandemic and has been investigated in many modelling studies. OBJECTIVES To systematically review the effects of school closure on influenza outbreaks as predicted by simulation studies. METHODS We searched Medline and Embase for relevant modelling studies published by the end of(More)
Following the confirmation of the first two cases of pandemic influenza on 27 April 2009 in the United Kingdom (UK), syndromic surveillance data from the Health Protection Agency (HPA)/QSurveillance and HPA/NHS Direct systems were used to monitor the possible spread of pandemic influenza at local level during the first phase of the outbreak. During the(More)