Babatunde M. Duduyemi

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BACKGROUND Hepatocellular carcinoma is a leading cause of cancer-related death in Africa, but there is still no comprehensive description of the current status of its epidemiology in Africa. We therefore initiated an African hepatocellular carcinoma consortium aiming to describe the clinical presentation, management, and outcomes of patients with(More)
Dermoid cysts are extremely rare in the urinary bladder and can pose a diagnostic dilemma to both the Urologist and the Histopathologist. Only a few cases were found documented and cited in PubMed. We present a case of dermoid cyst in the urinary bladder presenting as a bladder stone with a brief review of the literature.
Sports participation has been adjudged to enhance healthy living. This study described anthropometric andphysiological (A-P) profiles of university athletes based on types of sports (ToS) and duration (in years) of participation(DoP). One hundred and twenty-nine athletes (69 males, 60 females), aged l5-36, who had played averagely for5.78±0.29years, from(More)
AIM Surgical pathology service is generally unavailable in most developing countries and comes with challenges. Cytopathology is a reliable, inexpensive adjunct to surgical histopathology. We present a retrospective review of the various cytopathology cases received at the department. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review of 836 cytopathology cases(More)
Oral melanoma is a rare aggressive neoplasm which accounts for only 0.2-8% of all reported malignant melanomas. The common sites of its occurrence are the palate and gingiva with the maxillary arch being affected 80% of the time. Because of their presence at relatively obscure areas in the oral cavity, most of the malignant melanomas of the oral cavity are(More)
We investigated the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of a 70% v/v ethanol extract of the stem bark of Antrocaryon micraster on murine models of carrageenan-induced pleurisy and paw oedema. Rat pleural fluid was analysed for volume, protein content, and leucocytes, while lung histology was assessed for damage. Lung tissue homogenates were assayed(More)
Schwannomas are benign, usually encapsulated, nerve sheath tumours derived from Schwann cells. They commonly arise from the cranial nerves as acoustic schwannomas and are extremely rare in the pelvis and retroperitoneal area (<0.5% of reported cases) unless they are combined with Von Recklinghausen disease (type 1 neurofibromatosis). We report the case(More)
Endometriosis causing intestinal obstruction presents a difficult challenge in making a timely and accurate clinical diagnosis because of the non-specific nature of its presentation which can mimic other causes of intestinal obstruction. We report a case of large bowel obstruction and rectal bleeding secondary to multifocal intestinal endometriosis which(More)
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