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Data mining techniques, extracting patterns from large databases have become widespread in business. Using these techniques, various rules may be obtained and only a small number of these rules may be selected for implementation due, at least in part, to limitations of budget and resources. Evaluating and ranking the interestingness or usefulness of(More)
Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors in modern marketing and customers' behavior analysis. Banking industry is one of the numerous services in which the customer satisfaction has had an ever increasing importance in the corresponding research areas. The problem here is the complexity of dealing with customer satisfaction due to superabundant(More)
AbstrAct Implementing knowledge management or knowledge-sharing projects in an organization require BLOCKINsignificant BLOCKINorganizational BLOCKINprerequisites. Lacking proper infrastructures and prerequisite, not only make the knowledge management process BLOCKINunprofitable, BLOCKINbut BLOCKINmight BLOCKINincur BLOCKINharmful BLOCKINeffects as well. To(More)
َ Abstract Website plays a significant role in success of an e-business. It is the main start point of any organization and corporation for its customers, so it's important to customize and design it according to the online behavior of web site visitors. In this paper, we will introduce web mining, as a new field of research in data mining and knowledge(More)