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The wireless medium is a scarce shared resource in mobile computing. Consequently, the media access control (MAC) layer in-uences the fairness and robustness of the wireless network. According to the current MAC protocols, stations are not able to gain access equally to the shared wireless medium. This problem is commonlyknown as the fairness problem. The(More)
In this paper, we evaluate the performance of infrared communication methods using repetition-rate coding over L-PPM wireless links to provide reliable infrared transmission throughout the indoor environments. All receivers adapt the communication data rate by monitoring the channel, and they instruct transmitters to use highest rate if it is possible.(More)
In this paper, the use of packet-level acknowledgements in the infrared medium access control layer is discussed. The infrared link access control protocols use Go-Back-N automatic repeat request (ARQ) scheme currently, and any ARQ scheme is optional in the medium access control layer. The advantages and disadvantages of using Stop-and-Wait ARQ scheme in(More)
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