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—This paper introduces a new fault-tolerant operation method for a symmetrical six-phase induction machine (6PIM) when one or several phases are lost. A general decoupled model of the induction machine with up to three open phases is given. This model illustrates the existence of a pulsating torque when phases are opened. Then, a new control method reducing(More)
This paper deals with a hybrid energy source consisting of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell, two storage devices, and a load. Generally, this type of source constitutes of nonisolated dc-dc converters. In order to have galvanic isolation for safety reasons and a high voltage ratio, we introduce another system based on the use of three-port isolated(More)
This paper provides an improvement in sensorless control performance of nonsalient-pole permanent-magnet synchronous machines. To ensure sensorless operation, most of the existing methods require that the initial position error as well as the parameters uncertainties must be limited. In order to overcome these drawbacks, we study them analytically and(More)
It is known that the interaction between poorly damped <i>LC</i> input filters and constant power loads (CPLs) leads to degradation of dynamic performance or system instability. This paper addresses a large-signal stability study and stabilization of an electrical system containing a dc power supply, an <i>LC</i> filter, and a CPL. This latter is realized(More)
In this paper, the influence of measurement errors and inverter irregularities on the performance of sensorless control is studied. The control algorithm is based on the back-electromotive-force estimation whose robustness with respect to the machine parameter uncertainties has been already studied by supposing that the current measurements and the power(More)
In this paper, a model-reference based on-line identification method is proposed to estimate PMSM parameters. The global stability of the augmented system is analyzed using the second method of Lyapunov and the singular perturbations theory. It is shown that this method may be applied with a decoupling control technique that improves convergence dynamics(More)
In the context of more electric aircraft, the use of electric actuators instead of hydraulic ones is one of the main topics of research and development in electrical engineering. A high level of reliability, the redundancy, and the compactness are required for aircraft electrical actuators. For achieving these purposes, a classical solution consists in(More)
Interturn stator winding fault is one of the most frequent faults in permanent-magnet synchronous machines (PMSMs). In this paper, we present a new technique for online detection of this fault in PMSMs. It is based on a residual analysis improved by taking into account back-electromotive force waveform estimation, inverter model, and unbalanced inductance(More)