Babak Moatamed

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The advent of smart infrastructure or Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled scenarios in which objects with unique identifiers can communicate and transfer data over a network without human to human/computer interactions. Incorporating hardware in such networks is so cheap that it has opened the possibility of connecting just about anything from simple nodes(More)
OBJECTIVE Studies have revealed that non-adherence to prescribed medication can lead to hospital readmissions, clinical complications, and other negative patient outcomes. Though many techniques have been proposed to improve patient adherence rates, they suffer from low accuracy. Our objective is to develop and test a novel system for assessment of(More)
A gait velocity estimation algorithm using the inertial sensors of a smartwatch is proposed. The peaks of accelerometer and gyroscope norms are detected at first. Then a Kalman Filter is employed to recover the peaks that are missed because of the arm swing. The Kalman filter combines the accelerometer and gyroscope norm peaks and robustly detect walking(More)
Recent studies suggest that epidural stimulation of the spinal cord could increase the motor pattern both in motor and sensory complete spinal cord injury (SCI) patients. However, choosing the optimal epidural stimulation variables, such as the frequency, intensity, and location of the stimulation, significantly affects maximal motor functionality. This(More)
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