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— This paper presents a wireless synchronization receiver using sub-8psec pulses. A novel self-mixing technique is introduced to detect low-power picosecond impulses and extract the repetition rate with a low timing jitter. The chip is fabricated in a 0.13µm SiGe BiCMOS process and achieves a time transfer accuracy of 376fsec. The receiver, which is(More)
² This paper presents a novel architecture for detecting the frequency of sinusoidal or square-wave signals with a short settling time. The architecture is based on detecting consecutive rising edges of the input signal and is able to generate a dc voltage proportional to the signal frequency in a time as short as only one input cycle. Measurements show(More)
The objective of present study was to evaluate the impact of time of application of nitric oxide (NO) on mineral composition of strawberry ‘Selva’ plants under saline conditions. Well-rooted daughter plants were planted in 3L plastic pots filled with 1:1 (v/v) ratio of peat moss and perlite and grown under the greenhouse conditions (21 ± 2/17 ± 2°C and RH =(More)
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