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The diagnostic criteria used to identify patients suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome remain controversial. The present prospective longitudinal follow-up study was designed to identify whether(More)
We have previously demonstrated that obese hyperandrogenic amenorrheic women are less likely to ovulate after clomiphene citrate (CC) medication. The present study was designed to identify whether(More)
The IGF family plays an important role in implantation and placental physiology. IGF-II is abundantly expressed by placental trophoblasts, and IGF binding protein (IGFBP)-4, a potent inhibitor of IGF(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish whether initial screening characteristics of normogonadotropic anovulatory infertile women can aid in predicting live birth after induction of ovulation with clomiphene citrate(More)
The present prospective follow-up study was designed to identify whether clinical, endocrine, or ultrasound characteristics assessed by standardized initial screening of normogonadotropic(More)
BACKGROUND Dominant follicle selection is disturbed in normogonadotrophic anovulatory infertility [World Health Organization (WHO) 2] and remaining early antral follicles are either healthy or(More)