Babak Forouraghi

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The goal of robust design is to develop stable products that exhibit minimum sensitivity to uncontrollable variations. The main drawback of many quality engineering approaches, including Taguchi's ideology, is that they cannot efficiently handle presence of several often conflicting objectives and constraints that occur in various design environments.(More)
Many engineering design problems are characterized by presence of several conflicting objectives. This requires efficient search of the feasible design region for optimal solutions which simultaneously satisfy multiple design objectives. The search is further complicated in view of the fact that because of inherent manufacturing variations it is often(More)
Apriori is a well-known algorithm which is used extensively in market-basket analysis and data mining. The algorithm is used for learning association rules from transactional data bases and is based on simple counting procedures. In this paper we propose enhancements to Apriori which allow it to perform concept classification similar to the way decision(More)
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