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Characterization of subsurface morphology and mechanical properties with nanoscale resolution and depth control is of significant interest in soft matter fields like biology, polymer science, and even in future applications like nanomanufacturing, where buried structural and compositional features are important to the functionality of the system. However,(More)
This paper presents experiments on Nafion(®) proton exchange membranes and numerical simulations illustrating the trade-offs between the optimization of compositional contrast and the modulation of tip indentation depth in bimodal atomic force microscopy (AFM). We focus on the original bimodal AFM method, which uses amplitude modulation to acquire the(More)
We introduce a new multifrequency atomic force microscopy (AFM) method which involves the excitation of flexural and torsional eigenmodes of the microcantilever probe in liquid environments. The flexural and torsional deflection signals are mostly decoupled in the majority of commercial AFM setups, so they can be relatively easily recorded and processed.(More)
The cantilever excitation frequency and tip free oscillation amplitude are two critical imaging parameters in amplitude-modulation atomic force microscopy (AM-AFM, often referred to as tapping-mode AFM). In general, the excitation frequency is selected to be 'near' the measured resonance frequency of the probe, but there is no established systematic(More)
Title of Document: DESIGN OF AN AUTOMATED ASSEMBLY LINE FOR MANUFACTURING VISUAL TENSION INDICATING FASTENERS Babak Eslami, M.S. 2012 Directed By: Dr. Chandrasekhar Thamire Department of Mechanical Engineering Threaded fasteners play a major role in mechanical assemblies to clamp components or flanges. While bolted joints have been in use for many centuries(More)
Imaging of soft matter with atomic force microscopy (AFM) is challenging due to tip-induced deformation, which convolutes with the measurement. The challenges are generally more serious in liquid environments due to a severe loss of sensitivity of the vibrating microcantilever to external forces, as well as due to the presence of undesirable mechanical(More)
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