Babak Akhgar

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The most uncertain and difficult medical decision in Colon Cancer (CC) is the selection of the most personalized treatment option [1, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13]. MATCH Automated Diagnosis System has been primarily developed to target those obstacles, assisting clinicians in the post-diagnosis phases of the investigations. MATCH system is being currently fed with(More)
The concept of Virtual Private Networks offers a simple and cheap alternative to dedicated secure networks in corporate networks and Internet environments. The choice, however, of authentication and encryption techniques and protocols affect issues such as data throughput and performance throughout the network. This paper looks into the effects of video and(More)
The paper reports on the current research activities related to the delivery of a federated global identity management framework for provisioning secure ICT services; this represents a significant step towards the development of global federated security services for the Web, grid and particularly for future mobile and wireless communication (ICT(More)