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Electro-mechanical batteries have important advantages as compared with chemical batteries, especially in low earth orbit satellites applications. High speed slotless external rotor permanent magnet machines are used in these systems as Motor/Generator. Proper material and structure for space applications are introduced. A simplified analytic design method(More)
Reliability plays an important role in power electronic systems by which the number of system failures, repair costs, guarantee and etc are estimated. In this paper first, a boost power factor correction (PFC) converter is simulated in discontinues conduction mode (DCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM) under different output power ratings. For these(More)
This paper presents a novel sensorless control method for brushless DC motors using two similar fuzzy logic-based neural network observers. Firstly, two fuzzy logic observers are designed and used to estimate back-EMF space vector components in the stationary reference frame. The inputs of the observers are measured values of line to line voltages and(More)
The development in the technology of power semiconductors results in their application in FACTS devices, static switches, hybrid switches, HVDC, and high power converters. Since the nominal current of such devices does not satisfy high power applications, in order to increase the current ratings, switches should be paralleled. In this paper, the behavior of(More)
  • 2014
The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the transient stability of power systems with increased penetration level of distributed generation resources based on calculating the maximum rotor speed deviation index. In this method, the transient stability of power systems with increased penetration level of distributed generation resources evaluated and(More)
This paper presents the method of reducing torque ripple of brushless DC (BLDC) motor. The commutation torque ripple is reduced by control of the DC link voltage during the commutation time. The magnitude of voltage and commutation time is estimated by a neural network and optimized with a new optimization method named particle swarm optimization (PSO)(More)
Fault diagnosis is a vital discussion in power systems restoration. Recently, much research endeavors have been done for fault section diagnosis of power systems by using several techniques, such as rule-based expert system, logic-based expert system, fuzzy relation based expert system, neural network, optimization techniques based approach, etc. They(More)
Electric Power Steering system provides the assist steer torque in vehicle through an electric motor. Since the electric motor is directly connected to the mechanical steering rack, must have the following features: Torque production with minimum Ripple for Precise steer control, High efficiency, easy Manufacturing technology and minimum size and weight.(More)