Baard Ingegerdsson Freberg

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The concentration levels of 11 perfluorinated carboxylic (PFCA) and eight sulfonic (PFSA) acids were determined in the serum of 13 professional ski waxers. The same components were also determined in workroom aerosols and in fluoro containing solid ski waxes and ski wax powders. The highest median concentration (50 ng/mL) was detected for perfluorooctanoic(More)
BACKGROUND Preparation of skis prior to skiing competitions involves several individual work operations and the use of a wide variety of chemically based ski waxing products to improve the performance of the skis, including products used after skiing for wax removal and ski sole cleaning. Modern ski waxes consist mainly of petroleum-derived straight-chain(More)
CONTEXT Professional ski waxers are exposed to particulate matter (PM) during work, but little is known about untoward pulmonary effects. OBJECTIVES The aim was to study lung function and pneumoproteins in professional ski waxers before and during exposure to PM generated during ski waxing and ski preparation. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty-five male(More)
BACKGROUND Ski waxes are applied onto the skis to improve the performance. They contain different chemical substances, e.g. perfluoro-n-alkanes. Due to evaporation and sublimation processes as well as mechanically generated dust, vapours, fumes, and particulates can contaminate the workroom atmosphere. The number of professional ski waxers is increasing,(More)
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