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BACKGROUND Blood cardioplegic strategies have been shown to increase myocardial oxygen uptake, replenish depleted energy stores, and improve myocardial function and survival in the high-risk subset of patients. However, the superiority of these techniques over intermittent aortic cross-clamping and crystalloid cardioplegia in low-risk patients is still(More)
Endotoxin activates white blood cells and complement and produces a spectrum of clinical syndromes ranging from fever to septic shock. Although production of endogenous endotoxemia during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) has recently been reported, the role of hypothermia on endotoxemia is not clear. In this study, we evaluated the effects of moderate (24-28(More)
We describe the precise preoperative diagnosis of a very rare anomaly that comprises absence of the right superior vena cava, persistence of the left superior vena cava, and proximal hypoplasia of the inferior vena cava draining into the left superior vena cava via the hemiazygos vein associated with a large atrial septal defect and tricuspid regurgitation.
J Clin Exp Invest Vol 3, No 2, June 2012 Correspondence: Dr. Nilgün Güdücü İstanbul Bilim University, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology İstanbul, Turkey, E-mail: Received: 06.03.2012, Accepted: 05.05.2012 Copyright © JCEI / Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations 2012, All rights reserved JCEI /(More)
OBJECTIVE Nitroglycerin has been the drug of choice for relieving myocardial ischemia for more than a hundred years. Several studies have indicated that a significant reduction in arterial oxygen tension (PaO2) occurs after the administration of sublingual nitroglycerin to patients with coronary artery disease breathing room air. Because available oxygen in(More)
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