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Synthesis and biological properties of novel brefeldin A analogues.
New brefeldin A analogues were obtained by introducing a variety of substituents at C15 and conformational aspects were studied by X-ray crystal structure analysis and molecular mechanics calculations, including docking of the analogues into the brefieldin A binding site of an Arf1/Sec7-complex. Expand
Otofaji ve kanser (Autophagy and cancer)
Kanserde otofaji anormallikleri gorulen hastaliklardan bir tanesidir, yanlis katlanmis ya da birikim olusturmus proteinlerin ve hasara ugramis mitokondri gibi organellerin sindirilerek geri dondurulmesini ve kalite kontrolunu saglar. Expand
Functional and Kinetic studies of COPI machinery
The role of γ2-COP in the transport of the unconventionally secreted proteins HASPB and Yes is investigated andounced retention of HASPB at the perinuclear region was observed after down regulation of the coatomer subunits α, β, δ, and ζ suggesting that the coatomers subunits and therefore most likely COPI vesicles are involved in the transported proteins. Expand