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A monoclonal antibody was used to characterize a 135-kDa surface-located membrane protein (Lmp1) generally present in Mycoplasma hominis strains. The monoclonal antibody, 552, was applied to identify the corresponding gene in an expression library of M. hominis PG21 DNA. The M. hominis PG21 lmp1 gene was sequenced, and its gene product was characterized(More)
The water balance equation for obtaining estimated E-P (mean evapotranspiration minus precipitation) from measured winds and humidities is written < 5_/jt>+ <'-> < EP> where W/Jt is water vapor storage change and V-9 is water vapor flux divergence. In this study, the terms on the left are obtained from data at 50 mb intervals, vertically integrated from the(More)
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