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2 ductkwl UdIq fist-SMlpIilg a d liftin# for N=3 Fig. 6. Errors of approximation of the full-order closed loop by the closed loops with the reduced second order controllers. The results show that when fast-sampling is used during the reduction process, a superior result is obtained. It is sufficient in this case to use N = 3 as the fast sampling rate. This(More)
in most terrestrial animals is achieved primarily through appendicular movements. However, it is well known that axial movements can enhance locomotion by increasing stride length, and axial movements are often essential for attaining the highest speeds in vertebrates Among terrestrial arthropods, the myriapods (centipedes, millipedes, etc.) and some larval(More)
In view of the increasing use of microdialysis for monitoring drug uptake into the brain, the consequences of tissue/blood-brain barrier (BBB) damage that occurs on microdialysis probe insertion on the extent and rate of solute uptake need to be more carefully examined. In this study, both microdialysis and a classic method were used to compare the apparent(More)
The effects of circumcision upon mother-infant interaction were examined in an observational study of 59 mother-infant pairs during hospital feedings on days 2 and 3 of life. Each pair was observed during 4 hospital feedings using a specifically designed mother-infant interaction observation system that examined 43 discreet behaviours relating to feeding,(More)
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