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Anaemia in pregnancy is an important reproductive health problem associated with increased maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. This study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of anaemia in pregnancy at booking in Gombe, North-eastern Nigeria. A cross-sectional study of 461 women attending the antenatal clinic was carried out. Anaemia in(More)
Five hundred women were studied to determine their knowledge of cervical cancer. Less than 10% of the women were aware of the disease or its symptoms. Even fewer were aware of cytological screening, the good results obtained in the premalignant stage and early invasive stages of the disease. Simple explanation showed a good recall at 4-6 weeks. At that time(More)
This study reviewed retrospectively the cases of obstructed labour as seen at the specialist Gombe Hospital (SHG), Gombe State, over a period of 5 years. The incidence of obstructed labour was 4.0%. There was a progressive decline in the time trend over the study period. About 80.3% of the patients were unbooked emergencies and 99.5% of them had been in(More)
SUMMARY Most of the adverse effects of malaria in pregnancy on the fetus are usually as a consequence of placental malaria (PM). This study was conducted with the objective of determining the prevalence, risk factors and pregnancy outcome of PM. A cross-sectional study of 437 pregnant women who delivered at the UMTH, Maiduguri was conducted between 24 July(More)
Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the highest fertility rates in the world, which is further promoted by the low utilisation of modern contraceptive methods. Yet, many communities claim to have traditional methods of family planning that pre-date the introduction of modern contraceptives, implying that contraception is a culturally acceptable norm. It was(More)
A retrospective review of 302 cases of eclampsia treated at the Specialist Hospital Gombe (SHG), between January 1st 1997 and December 31st 1999 is presented. Intrapartum eclampsia was the commonest presentation, occurring in 166 (55.0%) patients. Headache, blurred vision, and epigastric pain preceded the first episode of seizure in 272 (90.0%) of the(More)
  • B M Audu
  • 2002
The sexual histories of 97 infertile women were collected using questionnaires. Sexual dysfunction was found to be common among them, particularly frigidity (78.4%), dyspaereunia (57.7%), difficulty with sexual arousal (20.6%) and difficulty in achieving orgasm (20.6%). These could affect sexual acceptance and subsequently coital frequency, thus(More)
CONTEXT Umbilical cord prolapse is an obstetric emergency associated with high perinatal morbidity and mortality unless prompt delivery by the fastest and safest route is carried out. OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of umbilical cord prolapse, predisposing factors, and fetal outcome. STUDY DESIGN, SETTING AND SUBJECTS A 20 year retrospective study(More)
SUMMARY Hydatidiform mole (HM), is a known cause of early pregnancy wastage and has the risk of malignant potential. This is a retrospective study of 71 patients who were managed for hydatidiform mole at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, (UMTH) Maiduguri over a 10-year period, from January 1996 to December 2005, inclusive. The objective of the(More)