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1. FPL 67156 (6-N,N-diethyl-beta, gamma-dibromomethylene-D-ATP), is a newly synthesized analogue of ATP. 2. In a rabbit isolated tracheal epithelium preparation, measuring P2U-purinoceptor-dependent chloride secretion, FPL 67156 was discovered to potentiate the responses to UTP but not those to ATP-gamma-S. UTP agonist-concentration effect (E/[A]) curves(More)
1. Previous studies have shown that suramin and FPL 66301 are competitive antagonists at the P2X-purinoceptor in the rabbit ear artery. Those studies employed alpha,beta-methylene ATP, a poorly hydrolysable ATP analogue, as the agonist. In this study these compounds have been tested using ATP as the agonist. 2. Suramin, in the concentration range 30-1000(More)
In the current practice of finite element analysis of concrete structures, as well as rocks, cracks are considered to be densely distributed (smeared) throughout the finite area of the element (4,17.22,24). The assumption of continuous crack distribution seems reasonable in view of material inhomogeneity and the stabilizing effect of reinforcement, although(More)
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