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Surya Namaskar (SN), a group of Yogic exercise consists of a set of twelve postures which is practiced by some of the yoga practitioners. The present study was undertaken to observe critically the energy cost and different cardiorespiratory changes during the practice of SN. Twenty-one male volunteers from the Indian Army practiced selected Yogic exercises(More)
While doing the routine dissection for the undergraduate students in the department of Anatomy, Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College, Kolkata, few variations were found in the gluteal region of a 70 years old male cadaver, in the year 2013. On the right side the sciatic nerve (SN) pierced the piriformis muscle dividing it into superior and inferior slips and(More)
Birth hypoxia is detrimental to neuronal function. In this study, its effect on spinal monosynaptic reflex was investigated on two different age groups of human newborn babies using few non-invasive electrophysiological parameters. A total of 57 newborns (25 hypoxic + 32 non-hypoxic) were the study subject. Out of which, 31 newborns (11 hypoxic + 20(More)
Population surveys were conducted, examining nonpsychotic psychiatric symptoms, life events, and problems in community living in Primrose, a community experiencing rapid growth in anticipation of the construction of a heavy oil extraction plant, and in Wolf Creek, a stable rural town. Psychiatric symptom levels were lower in the boom town than in Wolf(More)
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