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It has been proposed that aging occurs because of a failure of the pineal gland to produce melatonin from serotonin each day beginning at sunset and throughout the night. This lack leads to a nighttime deficiency of melatonin both absolutely and also relatively to serotonin. As melatonin has wide-spread integrative and regenerative effects, its lack may(More)
The hypothesis presented in this paper defines aging as a pathological process originating in the pineal gland. This results in a diminished output of melatonin, along with a diminished melatonin to serotonin ratio, leading to a decline in adaptive processes and a predictable syndrome manifested by the "diseases of the aged" (DOA) and subsequent death of(More)
While much is known about the influence of the estrogens, androgens, and adrenocortical hor mones on experimental leukemia, very little has been published on the effect of the thyroid gland on this disease. However, it has been assumed that the thyroid might play a role in leukemia, inas much as lymphocytosis is frequently observed in hyperthyroid subjects;(More)