BG Muralishankar

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BACKGROUND One of the challenges of anaesthesia for shoulder arthroscopic procedures is the need for controlled hypotension to lessen intra-articular haemorrhage and thereby provide adequate visualisation to the surgeon. Achievement of optimal conditions necessitates several interventions and manipulations by the anaesthesiologist and the surgeon, most of(More)
Penetrating abdominal injuries are potentially life threatening due to the associated hemorrhagic shock and visceral injury. Through and through penetrating injury with polytrauma is rarely encountered. We report a case presenting with in situ projecting heavy metallic rod in a through and through penetrating abdominal injury along with foreign body in a(More)
BACKGROUND The sparing of ulnar nerve often leads to the failure of the upper limb blockade. It has been claimed that local anesthetic injection at the site of stimulator evoked finger flexion response is associated with highest success rate of a successful block. The lower trunk stimulation of plexus should yield similar results as this trunk contributes(More)
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