BG Kulkarni

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The in vivo metabolism of tritiated DMAB was examined in male Syrian golden hamsters, which are susceptible to both urinary bladder and intestinal carcinogenesis by this agent and in male F344 rats in which intestinal tumors represent the main lesions. Evidence was obtained for the presence of the N-hydroxy-N-glucuronide of DMAB as a major metabolite in(More)
The quantitative significance of the metabolism of 3 beta, 7 alpha-dihydroxy-5-cholen-24-oic acid to chenodeoxycholic acid was evaluated in the hamster. A precursor-product relationship was established in this species by the finding that intravenous administration to an animal previously given cholesterol-4-14C caused a significant reduction in the specific(More)
  • Anushka V Devnikar, Suresh B Sonth, Mahesh C Baragundi, Shivakumar S Solabannavar, Ramakant, B Kulkarni
  • 2012
Background: Cholera, an acute diarrhoeal disease caused by Vibrio cholerae still ranks high in the etiology of diarrhoeal diseases in several parts of India. Aim:To study the characteristics and anti-microbial resistance pattern of the Vibrio choleraestrains isolated in our hospital. Methods: Over a 2 year period, stool samples from clinically suspected(More)
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