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The superficial peroneal nerve subserves sensation on the entire surface of the dorsum of the foot, except in small areas. All previously reported techniques for evaluating nerve conduction along this nerve tested a proximal portion of the nerve. We report a new method for evaluating sensory nerve conduction of the four branches of the distal superficial(More)
In decerebrate-decerebellate cats, stimulation of trigeminal afferents inhibited neurons in dorsal column (DC) nuclei driven by activation of DC input and produced primary afferent depolarization in DC primary afferent terminals. This inhibition was most likely mediated by a trigeminal-brainstem-DC nuclear loop.
1 ABSTRACT The innate immune system provides nonspecific defenses against pathogens. Many diseases occur because of malfunctions in the innate immune system. In the present thesis, I have investigated two independent mechanisms of innate immunity in the lung and liver. Both mechanisms involve responses to bacterial infection and/or components of the(More)
In decorticate-decerebellate cats with cervical spinal cuts which isolated the dorsal columns (DCs), conditioning volleys travelling in the DCs inhibited activities of trigeminal caudalis neurons. This inhibition was most likely mediated through a brainstem loop and was particularly effective on nociceptive-driven neurons.
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