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Systematic variation of the residual of PSR B1937+21, the trace of its companion star?
PSR B1937+21 was the first millisecond pulsar ever measured. Which has been appeared as a singular pulsar. The high-precision observation of this pulsar shows systemic long-term variation in the
Radio-quiet neutron star 1E 1207.4-5209: a possible strong Gravitational-wave source
There are four puzzles on 1E 1207.4-5209: (1) the characteristic age of the pulsar is much higher than the estimated age of the supernova remnant; (2) the magnetic field inferred from spin-down is
Variation of dispersion measure: evidence of geodetic precession of binary pulsars
Variations of dispersion measure (DM) have been observed in some binary pulsars, which can not be well explained by the propagation effects, such as turbulence of the interstellar media (ISM) between
The orientation and magnitude of the orbital precession velocity of a binary pulsar system with double spins
The measurability of the spin--orbit (S--L) coupling induced orbital effect is dependent on the orientation and magnitude of the orbital precession velocity, ${\bf \Omega}_0$. This paper derives